Lynn Grossman - Business and Professional Life Coach


Lynn is a phenomenal coach.

Before I met her, I had been on a path of self-healing with all sorts of books and courses, but these were impersonal and had their limitations. Once I began working with Lynn, I began to notice so much about myself that I didn't know existed.

Through one-on-one sessions, we discovered my strengths and used these as building blocks on my path to success.

Eternal thanks Lynn!

Benjamin S.

Lynn Grossman's coaching was a terrific experience, during which I grew as a person and increased my confidence to handle any situation that life throws at me.

Lynn was actively engaged, supportive, and encouraging. She helped me problem solve when seeming obstacles arose. Because of the successes I experienced as a result of her coaching, I have developed into a respected community leader.

Thanks, Lynn!

Linda P.

Lynn is a powerhouse of love and straight talk. It is a deadly combination if you want results in your life or business. She will work with you to annihilate any roadblocks and fill in pot holes so you have a smooth path forward.

She is one of my favorite people on the planet (and I have been with a lot of people!). Her combination of ontological coaching and background as a therapist make for a undeniably moving experience. Lynn has the experience and knowledge to support you in making changes that have eluded you until now.

I guarantee she will be someone you want to work with for years to come. She will show you the source of confidence and motivation which will serve you in all areas of your life for the rest of your life. She can help heal the past, clear the present and co-create an amazing future that wakes you up early in the morning and says, "Let's GO!"

I heartily suggest a conversation with Lynn to see if you have what it takes to be her client. I love her and I think you will too.

Warmest regards,

Hans Phillips
Senior Ontologist, Master Coach